Implications of the proposed Cyber Incident Review Board [2024]

Society expects more from cyber.

Matt O’Kane has an article in this month’s Journal of the NSW Bar Association about society’s increasing expectations for cyber professionals.

From the article: “There has been an increased demand among organisations for greater discipline … in the way they defend themselves against cyber security breaches. This is driven by two factors: first, recent high profile cyberattacks on trusted institutions creating an expectation that cyber security breaches be better prevented and managed, and second, proposed government initiatives, including a Cyber Incident Review Board (‘CIRB’) intended to review major breaches (or breach trends).”

You can read the full article at AustLII:

O’Kane, Matt — “Implications of the proposed Cyber Incident Review Board” [2024] NSWBarAssocNews 31; (2024 Autumn) Bar News: Journal of the NSW Bar Association 68 (

Important note on general advice

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