Assisting a UK-based Cyber Security Firm with Forensic Evidence Acquisition in Australia

A UK-based cyber security firm, conducting cyber insurance investigations in Australia, faced challenges with obtaining forensic copies that met the NIST 800-86 international standard. They turned to Notion Digital Forensics for assistance, and we successfully acquired the required evidence, following strict data protection and encryption standards.

Tracing the Source of Video Streaming Servers: A Digital Forensic Investigation of Potential Intellectual Property Infringement

This case study revolves around an investigation conducted for an intellectual property lawyer who sought to determine where a company streamed video files from. The servers were found to be delivered via a content delivery network (CDN), which potentially breached the rights agreement for use of the content. Notion Digital Forensics provided authoritative ownership records […]

Identifying Financial Fraud and Tracing a Rogue Business Partner – a case study

A successful chain of small businesses in regional New South Wales discovered a significant amount of money missing from their company bank account. The rogue business partner responsible for the missing funds fled the country, leaving behind his company laptop. Notion Digital Forensics was engaged to forensically examine the laptop for any useful information to […]

Digital Forensic Analysis in a contractual dispute and building CCTV data

A group of businesses in a multi-level building were involved in a contractual dispute with their strata manager over a long-term cleaning contract. The businesses claimed that the cleaning services provided by the strata manager were not adequate and sought evidence to support their case for termination of the contract. A digital forensic analysis of […]