Corporate speaking topics for Matt O’Kane

Matt O’Kane is the leader of Notion Digital Forensics and an active cyber investigator. Matt has personally led, in a hands-on role, over 70 investigations and cyber emergency responses in the last 5 years for companies in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and London.

Matt is a sought after speaker and teacher.

List of educational contributions in 2023

Major work

I currently teach a Cyber Security Bootcamp at UNSW Canberra. This is a 40 hour course mostly delivered to national defenders and I run it several times a year.

Minor work

I also guest lecture for one week a semester in the following subjects as part of the Masters of Cyber Security program in Canberra:

On demand courses

Matt is a lecturer at the University of New South Wales Sydney and Canberra campuses where he teaches a variety of courses.

Here a some recent topics that Matt has presented at corporate conferences, business/government leaders or cyber security masters students.

Cyber Security

  1. “Lessons from the frontline: Examining real-life cyber breaches in professional services organisations” – Dive into actual case studies to learn valuable strategies for safeguarding both your reputation and your clientele.
  2. “The personal front of cyber security: Three key rules for balancing threats, risks, and efforts” – Uncover proven principles distilled from myriad case investigations to enhance your personal cybersecurity.
  3. “The dark web and cybercriminal supply chains: decoding the intricacies of a cyber breach” – Understand the dynamics of criminal behaviour, review real ransom negotiations and the lessons we can learn to fortify our defenses. (Special note: Notion’s policy is not to pay ransoms, because its probably illegal in many jurisdictions, and it often results in repeat blackmailing attempts).
  4. “Bridging the cyber skills gap: A strategic approach to acquiring talent” – Explore unconventional yet effective ways to outsmart competitors and acquire the cyber talent you need.
  5. “Beyond compliance: A four-point model for cyber governance” – Enhance your organisation’s cyber protection through a comprehensive model that goes beyond basic compliance.
  6. “Holding vendors accountable: Encouraging a culture of cyber prioritisation” – Learn from the Zoom 2020 security incident and explore how to ensure your vendors prioritize cyber safety.
  7. “Anticipating the unseen: Future cyber challenges in AI, forward secrecy, and quantum computing” – A futuristic perspective on cyber, tailored for government and defence officials.
  8. “Rebound stronger: case studies on rapid recovery from cyber breaches” – Real-life examples demonstrating successful recovery strategies post cyber-attacks.
  9. “Managing trust and risk in supply chains: Insights from real-world examples” – Strategies to manage and mitigate potential threats in supply chains.

Digital Forensics

  1. “The unseen threat: Addressing the looming digital forensics crisis” – Explore proactive strategies to protect your organisation’s systems and intellectual property.
  2. “Inside look: Real-life digital forensic investigations and protective measures” – Get a closer look at real investigations to understand how to better safeguard your organisation from insider threats.
  3. “From breach to defense: Learning from real cyber incidents” – Explore how real cyber breaches can inform your defensive strategies, focusing on external threats.
  4. “Navigating the intersection of digital forensics and legal processes” – Understand the intricate relationship between digital forensics and legalities.
  5. “Social Media Digital Forensics” – Investigate the role of social media in digital forensics and cybersecurity. Suitable for practicing lawyers.
  6. “A new frontier: Defending against deep fakes through forensic capabilities” – Learn how to detect and defend against the emerging threat of deep fakes.