Cybersecurity Insights Shared at Imperial College Business School’s Digital Transformation Course

On Friday, 17th March 2023, Notion Digital Forensics CEO Matt O’Kane delivered an engaging and informative presentation on cybersecurity and digital forensics to Imperial College Business School’s MBA students in London. The virtual lecture, held via Zoom, was part of the “Digital Transformation: Leading Real-World Change” program led by Professor Cathy Mulligan.

The presentation, titled “Are you prepared for a cyber attack? How to measure your organisation’s readiness,” provided valuable insights into the critical role of establishing a robust cybersecurity culture, coupled with effective cybersecurity practices, to achieve favourable outcomes. Drawing from his experience as a cyber emergency incident responder and digital forensics examiner, Matt O’Kane shared fascinating case studies that highlighted why some cyber incidents fail and how businesses can bolster their security posture.

About the lecture

Throughout the lecture, Matt emphasised the importance of culture, systems, and leadership in fostering successful cybersecurity outcomes. He also explored the significance of testing, simulation, and adherence to industry standards in maintaining a strong security stance. Participants gained a deeper understanding of the role of a digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) expert in predicting cybersecurity success or failure, as well as the potential pitfalls of over-reliance on key performance indicators (KPIs), as outlined by Campbell’s Law.

The thought-provoking questions and engaging discussions during the lecture demonstrated the students’ keen interest in cybersecurity and digital forensics. Professor Cathy Mulligan, who leads the subject, expressed her appreciation for Matt’s presentation, stating, “Thanks so much, Matt O’Kane – fantastic presentation on the issues of Cybersecurity and Digitalforensics – it triggered lots of discussions.”

Matt O’Kane’s presentation not only shed light on the complexities of cybersecurity in the digital age but also equipped the future leaders at Imperial College Business School with a deeper understanding of the challenges and best practices in this ever-evolving field. The lecture underscored the value of collaboration between cybersecurity and business teams, as well as the need for a strong cybersecurity culture to support and enhance an organisation’s security posture.

Committed to sharing knowledge

This event is just one example of how Notion Digital Forensics is committed to sharing knowledge and experience in the dynamic field of cybersecurity. With an emphasis on practical case-based training and immersive simulations, the company aims to empower businesses and professionals with the necessary tools and strategies to defend against cyber threats and navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

Important note on general advice

I am a cyber security specialist, but I may not be YOUR cyber security specialist. 

All cyber-security and digital forensics decisions require careful consideration of your own circumstances and risks. General information is not not tailored to your individual needs. You should seek the advice of a suitably qualified cyber-security or digital forensics specialist.