Frontiers of Digital Forensics and Cyber Breaches: Dr. Marwa Keshk interview for ZZCA9211

I had the privilege of joining Dr. Marwa Keshk’s digital forensics (ZZCA9211) course at UNSW Canberra for an insightful interview. Together, we explored the dynamic world of cyber breaches and digital forensics investigations, delving deep into emerging trends in automation, productivity, and the latest investigation techniques.

I am sincerely grateful to Dr. Keshk for extending the invitation to contribute to this valuable knowledge exchange. It was truly an honor to provide a commercial perspective on these critical topics that transcend government spheres.

During our conversation, we also touched upon Dr. Keshk’s cutting-edge research, with a particular focus on detecting IoT breaches and botnets. This field is set to experience remarkable growth and will play an increasingly vital role in the cybersecurity landscape.

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