Three modes of forensic work

Notion Digital Forensics classifies its forensics services into three buckets.

Forensics is specialised and sometimes can be expensive. By offering different levels of service, we can tailor a solution to your needs.

Quick Analysis

Rapid, cost effective. Ideal for internal business investigations, and rapid analysis after a hack or other security incident.
  • Forensically and legally sound capture of evidence that complies with the internationally recognised NIST 800-86 digital forensics standard
  • Notion preserves evidence for legal reasons. Free high security storage for six months (optional add-on for longer)
  • Evidence secured with AES-256 encryption, same system taught by Notion to national armies
  • Backup copies on two continents
  • Obtain evidence from "standard" data sources (most commonly used devices, common cloud services, some social media)
  • (Optional) verbal report at milestones
  • Choose from these standard reports: Recently deleted files, messages in a timespan, web history

Forensic Analysis

A forensic analysis is a close and detailed study of the evidence. This service is ideal for insurance assessors, for HR departments or for complex deceased estates. This service includes everything in "quick" with the following features added.
  • Free high-security storage of digital evidence for two years instead of six months
  • Evidence secured with AES-256 encryption
  • (Optional) Regular e-discovery services
  • (Optional) Advanced e-discovery services
  • (Optional) Decrypt/unlock devices
  • Obtain evidence from non-standard data sources (eg CRM, some social media)
  • Actively assist or lead investigation
  • Provide advice on subpoenas, notice to produce, Anton Pillar orders, other orders

Expert's Report

For sworn affidavits for use in litigation
  • Single party or joint expert options
  • Preserve evidence for five years from last date of possible appeal
  • Scientific verification or authoritative reference to claims where appropriate
  • Complies with GPN-EXPT (AUS), Digest 7 (Singapore), UCPR Sched 7 (NSW), Evidence Rule 702 (USA), and all other major expert witness codes of conduct on most of the world
  • Sworn affidavit
  • Trial advice from an expert witness point of view
  • (Optional) Report can be released publicly if you choose