Teaching Real-World Cybersecurity at UNSW Business

Cybersecurity can seem large and changing. But, there’s a gap between what’s taught in books and what happens in real life. That’s why I’m excited to teach a new subject, INFS5922, at UNSW Business School. It’s not just a normal course—it’s a deep dive into real cybersecurity cases to show the practical side of protecting businesses from cyber attack.

Making Cybersecurity Practical for Future Business Leaders

A joint AGSM (Australian Graduate School of Management) and UNSW Business subject, INFS5922 mixes classroom learning with real-world practice. It’s not just about theories, but about facing actual cybersecurity problems, working in groups, simulating challenges, and learning from experienced cybersecurity pros.

Beyond the Classroom

The course goes beyond typical classroom learning. It’s about tackling real cybersecurity issues, thinking critically, and solving problems to prepare for the business world.

Matt O'Kane teaching at UNSW Business cyber seecurity

People involved

The course is led by Dr Pranit Anand, at UNSW Business.

I am a co-convenor of the course with Dr Anand.

Guest speakers include (in the order of appearance)

      • Denny Wan from the Reasonable Security Institute

      • Jim Boughton, a senior manager with extensive hands-on experience in cyber and tech in the finance sector

      • Lauren Veenstra, a senior manager with extensive hands-on experience in cyber and tech in the heavy industrial sector

    Important note on general advice

    I am a cyber security specialist, but I may not be YOUR cyber security specialist. 

    All cyber-security and digital forensics decisions require careful consideration of your own circumstances and risks. General information is not not tailored to your individual needs. You should seek the advice of a suitably qualified cyber-security or digital forensics specialist.