Enhancing Zoom Security: How to Choose Your Data Centre Region

Now you can choose to improve some security in Zoom

In a previous article I wrote on 7 April 2020, I raised concerns about the security of Zoom communications, specifically regarding the possibility that encryption keys could originate from servers located in third-party countries. This leaves Zoom vulnerable to third-party government requests. However, from 18 April 2020, users can now choose which of Zoom’s data centre regions will route their calls.

How to do choose where your Zoom calls are routed

To do this, users can log in to the Web Console, click on Personal, then select Settings, and In Meeting (Advanced). Scroll down until you see “Customize data center regions for meetings/webinars” and turn on the slider on the right. From there, you can choose one, some, or all of the following choices: Australia, India, Canada, Japan/Hong Kong, China, Latin America, Europe, and the United States.

How to select the countries to route the Zoom calls

It’s important to note that users should choose the data centre region that they feel most comfortable with. By doing so, users can have better control over the security of their Zoom calls. However, it’s important to remember that while this feature can enhance the security of Zoom calls, users should still consider the security and convenience trade-offs of Zoom compared to other video conferencing tools.

Photo credit: @DimaBerlin via Twenty20

Important note on general advice

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