Prevent and respond to breaches.

Cyber breach prevention and breach response that stands up to scrutiny, and is written in plain English. Technical heft meets the highest international standards. 

Notion Digital Forensics helps businesses of all sizes, many well known, respond to breaches. We protect customer privacy unless our involvement becomes public knowledge.

Notion Digital Forensics is trusted to train national defenders from 12 nations as well as lawyers, IT and cyber security professionals.

Rapid assistance

Incident response

Timely intervention is critical
Minimise the impact of a cyber attack on your business
Recover and diagnose the problem to prevent future incidents
Help your team learn from the experience and improve cyber preparedness
Expert opinions

Digital forensics

Uncover the truth in the digital world
Experienced cyber professionals who understand legal processes
Expert opinions, tested in court
Specialist investigation of suspected intellectual property theft
Engaging and relevant

Cyber training

Knowledge is power

Cyber security bootcamps and short courses for businesses
Industry experts with deep knowledge of real-world issues
Trusted by Australia's top cyber universities to train defence forces
How We Help

Notion assists various groups

For business or government

  • Planning cyber defence
  • Covert or exit investigation of staff’s digital actions
  • Improving effectiveness of staff investigations
  • Fill the gaps in your team to comply with NIST CSF, ISO 27001, ISO 27002, ISO 27701, or other international standards

For business leaders

  • Study real, anonymised case studies
  • Train boards, leaders, militaries, lawyers, master’s programs, and official cyber defenders
  • Customised training to meet your organisation’s needs

For legal professionals

  • Expert witness services
  • Digital evidence and cloud evidence advice
  • Investigation planning an execution
  • Anton Piller (private search orders)
  • E-discovery
  • Subpoena and Notice to Produce (NTP) advice

Plan ahead for cyber incidents and emergencies

works types & systems

We support a wide range of technologies



CRM Systems

Email Systems

USB Devices

Encrypted Devices

Cloud Services

Specialist Systems

works types & systems

We support a wide range of technologies

  • Computers
  • Phones
  • CRM Systems
  • Email systems
  • USB devices
  • Encrypted devices
  • Cloud services
  • Specialist systems

What our clients say

Highly recommend using this digital forensics company. Very outcome focused, exceptionally knowledgeable and great at explaining highly complicated digital facts/concepts in a simplistic fashion.

Donna Boyce

Special Counsel, Ironbridge Legal (Sydney)

Notion is just brilliant. Great service…. I always turn to these guys. They really understand what lawyers like me are looking for.

Kyle Kutasi

Legal Practice Director, Solve Legal

[Matt O’Kane] is an exceptional expert that provides 120% effort to meet deadlines and to produce exceptional work.

Commercial Litigator

Commercial Litigation Firm (Sydney)

The presenter engaged students in learning. 4.83 out of 5 score.

Six Nation Cyber Security Bootcamp

Participant feedback survey for course running 15-19 August 2022