Accessing a Deceased Executive’s Apple Mac: A Case Study in Digital Legacy and Data Recovery

A case study on work that Notion Digital Forensics have completed.

In this case study, we discuss the process of gaining access to the personal files of a high-profile technology executive who passed away in his early 50s. With a complex financial situation spanning multiple jurisdictions, it was essential to unlock the individual’s Apple Mac laptop to settle his affairs and provide cherished memories to his family.


The main objective was to access the personal files, including financial information and personal photos, stored on the deceased executive’s Apple Mac laptop, without having any readily available passwords.


Our team collected extensive information about the individual’s life, which was then combined with various techniques designed to bypass the password protection on an Apple Mac. These methods were employed cautiously, considering the sensitive nature of the data and the need to preserve it.


By utilising the gathered information and employing the password bypass techniques, we successfully gained access to the executive’s laptop. This breakthrough allowed us to retrieve the necessary financial documents and personal photos stored on the device.


Our expertise in handling sensitive data and employing effective techniques to access the locked Apple Mac laptop enabled us to assist the solicitor in settling the deceased executive’s affairs. Furthermore, we were able to provide his family with valuable personal photos, preserving the cherished memories of their loved one.

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