Uncovering Unauthorised Remote Access: A Digital Forensics Case Study

A case study on work that Notion Digital Forensics have completed. Notion Digital Forensics was approached by a customer who had concerns that their IT managed service provider (MSP) was accessing commercially sensitive information without explicit consent. The customer was not sure if the MSP was taking commercially sensitive information without their consent. Background of […]

Digital Forensics Investigation Helps Business Partners Resolve Alleged Breach Event

Notion Digital Forensics was engaged by a multinational technology company to investigate an alleged breach of their systems, in which a private key from a server certificate was publicly shared by unknown parties. The government department they were working with believed that the technology company could have disclosed the key (either by accident or cyber […]

Stopping the spread of a sophisticated spear phishing attack

Notion Digital Forensics faced a cyber emergency involving a customer of an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP). The customer was a professional services business, whose head of marketing had their email compromised by a sophisticated spear phishing scam. The professional services firm’s Microsoft Office 365 account was copied, and thousands of business contacts were extracted. […]

Assisting a UK-based Cyber Security Firm with Forensic Evidence Acquisition in Australia

A UK-based cyber security firm, conducting cyber insurance investigations in Australia, faced challenges with obtaining forensic copies that met the NIST 800-86 international standard. They turned to Notion Digital Forensics for assistance, and we successfully acquired the required evidence, following strict data protection and encryption standards.

Case Study: Unmasking an Anonymous Defamer on Facebook

In the age of social media, businesses face numerous challenges, including the potential for anonymous online defamation. In this case study, our client, a medium-sized contractor company, fell victim to defamatory comments posted by an anonymous Facebook account. The challenge was to uncover the identity of the account operator without engaging in a potentially international […]

Protecting Children from Inappropriate Content: A Case Study on School Internet Safety

In a world where internet access is increasingly essential for education, schools face the challenge of ensuring a safe and appropriate online environment for students. This case study examines an incident involving a extremely young student allegedly being exposed to inappropriate images on a school computer and assesses the school’s internet safety practices. Objective The […]

Investigating Potential Intellectual Property Theft: A Digital Forensics Case Study in a High-Tech Manufacturing Company

This case study discusses a high-tech manufacturing company’s allegation of unauthorised taking of valuable company designs by an employee during a company restructure. The employee’s laptop was requested for forensic examination, revealing attempts to erase data and tamper with the device’s date settings. Objective The primary objective was to investigate whether the employee had indeed […]

Tracing the Source of Video Streaming Servers: A Digital Forensic Investigation of Potential Intellectual Property Infringement

This case study revolves around an investigation conducted for an intellectual property lawyer who sought to determine where a company streamed video files from. The servers were found to be delivered via a content delivery network (CDN), which potentially breached the rights agreement for use of the content. Notion Digital Forensics provided authoritative ownership records […]