Case Study: Unmasking an Anonymous Defamer on Facebook

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In the age of social media, businesses face numerous challenges, including the potential for anonymous online defamation. In this case study, our client, a medium-sized contractor company, fell victim to defamatory comments posted by an anonymous Facebook account. The challenge was to uncover the identity of the account operator without engaging in a potentially international legal process or relying on the assistance of social media platforms. Through the use of digital forensics and data analysis, we successfully identified the likely individual responsible for the defamatory comments, demonstrating the effectiveness of our techniques in resolving online disputes.


The goal of this case study was to identify the operator behind an anonymous Facebook account that had posted defamatory comments about a medium-sized contractor company. Our client wanted to find a way to identify the person responsible without resorting to an international legal process or relying on the cooperation of social media sites.


We devised a strategy to analyse both the posts and their metadata to identify patterns and potential clues about the identity of the anonymous account operator. By closely examining the data, we were able to narrow down the list of potential suspects within the industry. Our client’s solicitor then sent letters to each of the four individuals, informing them of the situation and seeking clarification.


One of the four individuals responded to the letter with extreme anger, and the contents of their response strongly suggested that they were the person behind the defamatory comments. A few days after the exchange, the defamatory post was removed from the Facebook page without any further intervention.


By employing a careful analysis of post data and metadata, we successfully identified the likely operator of the anonymous account that had posted defamatory comments about our client’s business. This outcome demonstrates the effectiveness of our digital forensics techniques in uncovering the identity of individuals behind online defamation, without resorting to lengthy legal processes or relying on social media platforms for assistance.

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