Notion Digital Forensics 3Cs for organisational cyber defence

The Notion Digital Forensics 3C model is a framework for organisational cybersecurity that focuses on three key areas: complexity, compliance, and culture. Compliance Organisations must choose a suitable structure for their cybersecurity compliance. Common cybersecurity compliance standards include ISO 27001 and NIST CSF. Smaller organisations may need to adapt and reduce these standards, prioritising the […]

Notion Digital Forensics 3 rules of personal cybersecurity: Advice for our clients (summary)

Personal cybersecurity has become more important than ever. Yet, for many ordinary people, the concept of cybersecurity can be overwhelming. To make this crucial topic more approachable, I often recommend three essential rules for personal cybersecurity. They are simple, understandable, and most importantly, a great start in offering a level of protection against most untargeted […]

Can a Celebrity Claim “Memelord Immunity” Over Videoed Statements Due to Deep Fakes?

In a recent legal dispute, a judge dismissed an unusual defense presented by Tesla during the discovery phase of a wrongful death lawsuit involving the controversial((Gardner, D. (2020) Tesla autopilot name banned in Germany, WhichCar. Are Media. Available at: (Accessed: May 2, 2023).)) “Autopilot” system. Background to the case Walter Huang, a U.S. Apple […]

ChatGPT Security Threat: Balancing Productivity Gains with ChatGPT Security Threats: A Proactive Approach

The widespread adoption of powerful language models like ChatGPT offers organisations significant productivity benefits. However, it also introduces potential security threats. In this blog post, I’ll discuss the risks associated with ChatGPT usage, provide actionable alternatives for addressing these concerns, and emphasise the importance of education and fostering a security-conscious culture.

Enhancing Zoom Security: How to Choose Your Data Centre Region

Photo of a business woman in a modern airily lit room talking to her iPad on a video conference.

Now you can choose to improve some security in Zoom In a previous article I wrote on 7 April 2020, I raised concerns about the security of Zoom communications, specifically regarding the possibility that encryption keys could originate from servers located in third-party countries. This leaves Zoom vulnerable to third-party government requests. However, from 18 […]

Your security and Zoom video conferencing

Photo of a woman in her modern kitchen talking on a video conference. She is holding a cup of coffee and seems very happy.

In this new COVID-19 world, video conferencing app Zoom has seen daily usage grow from 10 million participants a day in December 2019, to over 200 million a day in March 2020 [1]. Despite this success, concerns are apparent. Some high-profile organisations have recently banned Zoom – including the Australian Defence Force [16], the Singapore […]