About Notion Digital Forensics

Digital forensics

Has something happened that has you concerned? The loss of valuable company data and IP, particularly due to disgruntled employees or other insider threats, costs Australian businesses. Our powerful digital forensics tools and expertise can put your mind at rest, or provide you with the evidence you need to make critical business decisions. Find out more…

Incident response

Thousands of Australian businesses are targeted by malicious cyber attackers each year. What you do in the first few hours of an attack can be critical. We will help you cut through the chaos to understand what has occurred and how, and take action to minimise your exposure. Find out more…

Cyber security

If you haven’t been targeted by a cyber criminal yet, don’t get too comfortable! We can help ensure prepare you for a potential cyber threat to your business. We offer: 

  • An assessment of your cyber-readiness for attack
  • Recommendations to reduce your risk and exposure to malicious cyber actors
  • Training and development to empower your people to manage this evolving environment. Find out more…