Digital forensics services

Need to know:

  • Expert digital forensics services aligned with NIST 800-86 standards, specialising in insider threats and workplace disputes.
  • Comprehensive solutions for law firms, businesses, and IT managed service providers, offering both post-event and discreet live investigations.
  • Experienced team providing court-ready documentation and testimonies in Australia and internationally.

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Digital Forensics Services – Meeting International Standards

Expertise in assisting law firms, businesses, and IT managed service providers with forensic investigations – Aligned with NIST 800-86 standards

Delivery: Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia


Notion Digital Forensics provides comprehensive digital forensics services to law firms, businesses, and IT managed service providers. Our expert team delivers high-quality forensic investigations in line with international standards, such as NIST 800-86((Kent, K., Chevalier, S., Grance, T. and Dang, H. (2006). Guide to integrating forensic techniques into incident response. [online] doi:, and adheres to expert codes including GPN-EXPT (Australia)((Allsop, Justice. (2016). Expert Evidence Practice Note (GPN-EXPT). [online] Federal Court of Australia. Available at:, High Court Rules Schedule (4) (NZ), and those of all Australian states and territories. With a strong focus on insider threats and workplace disputes, we conduct both post-event investigations and discreet live investigations to safeguard your organisation’s reputation and assets.

Why Choose Notion Digital Forensics for Digital Forensics Services:

When you choose Notion Digital Forensics, you benefit from our experienced team’s ability to handle various digital forensics scenarios. Having successfully collaborated with law firms, businesses, and IT managed service providers on numerous cases, we offer:

  1. Adherence to international standards, including NIST 800-86, NDFP (Notion’s standards), and Expert Codes
  2. Tailored post-event and discreet live investigations
  3. Expertise in insider threat situations and complex forensic investigations
  4. Court-ready documentation and testimonies from experienced professionals

Our Expertise in Digital Forensics:

Insider Threats –

We specialise in addressing insider threat situations, assisting organisations in identifying, investigating, and mitigating risks related to unauthorised access, data theft, or other malicious activities. Our team collaborates closely with clients to devise tailored investigation strategies and provide actionable insights for effective risk management.

Live Investigations –

In sensitive cases requiring discretion, we offer live investigations conducted without alerting the investigation subject. This approach enables organisations to gather vital evidence and insights while minimising disruption and maintaining trust within their teams.

Court Documentation and Testimonies –

Our expert team has experience providing court documentation and testimonies for cases in Australia and internationally. We present our findings clearly, concisely, and in a legally admissible manner to effectively support your case.

Alignment with NIST 800-86:

Notion Digital Forensics maintains a commitment to international standards, such as NIST 800-86, ensuring our digital forensics services align with best practices and guidelines. By adhering to these standards, we deliver reliable and accurate forensic investigations that help protect your organisation’s critical assets and data from potential threats.


Notion Digital Forensics recognises the importance of dependable and precise digital forensic investigations for your organisation’s success. Our commitment to international standards and expertise in various forensic scenarios make us the ideal partner for your digital forensics needs. Contact us today to learn more about our digital forensics services and how we can help protect your organisation from insider threats and other cyber risks.

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