About Notion Digital Forensics

Who are our customers?

We work closely with a range of different cyber stakeholders. 


The legal community often requires an expert digital forensics opinion to help the courts determine a verdict. Our people undertake investigations and provide objective, fact-based information to legal clients to help inform their case. In some cases, we appear as an expert witness to help the court understand evidence and determine a verdict. 

Businesses – internal threats

Small and medium businesses, particularly those without in-house cyber security resources, can be at particular risk of internal threat. Our investigations can provide assurance that your IP is safe, or can provide evidence to help inform any future decisions you may need to make.

Businesses – external threats

We help businesses assess their cyber defence and provide practical advice on how to be better protected from malicious attacks. If the unfortunate happens, and your business is attacked, our incident response service can help minimise damage and exposure. 

Training and development

The cyber environment is constantly evolving and can outpace technology and human behaviour. An informed and prepared employee base can significantly reduce your exposure in the first place, and ensure that valuable time is not lost in the event of an attack. Our training courses target general employees, IT professionals and cyber professionals. Tailored to meet the needs of our organisation, our motto remains ‘knowledge is power’.

Our lead instructor, Matt O’Kane, has lectured on cyber security at Australia’s top universities to industry professionals, defence personnel and international cyber forces.