On-Site Data Acquisition for High-Profile Business Person: A Digital Forensics Case Study

A case study on work that Notion Digital Forensics have completed.
Notion Digital Forensics was approached by a nine-figure entrepreneur who operates in global markets and global politics. The individual had been instructed by a foreign court to have their devices inspected by a qualified forensics examiner for certain information, but had concerns about the security of their data and requested on-site data acquisition.


The objective of the project was to conduct on-site data acquisition of the individual’s mobile phone and computer and to ensure the highest level of security for their data.


Notion Digital Forensics arranged to conduct the acquisition and all analysis and reporting on-site so that the client and his agents could observe the process and be assured that their data was being held with the highest security. We were able to conduct the acquisition and furnish the response for the request for evidence very quickly, and the devices never left the premise of the individual.


Notion Digital Forensics successfully conducted the on-site data acquisition and provided the highest level of security for the individual’s data. The temporary storage units we used for the acquisition were left with the client. We rapidly satisfied the foreign court order. Our expertise in digital forensics allowed us to conduct the acquisition quickly and effectively, while also ensuring that the client’s concerns were addressed.


Notion Digital Forensics’ ability to conduct on-site data acquisition for an ultra high net work business person and provide the highest level of security for their data demonstrated our expertise in digital forensics. Our ability to conduct the acquisition quickly and effectively while addressing the client’s concerns was greatly appreciated.

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