Protecting Children from Inappropriate Content: A Case Study on School Internet Safety

A case study on work that Notion Digital Forensics have completed.

In a world where internet access is increasingly essential for education, schools face the challenge of ensuring a safe and appropriate online environment for students. This case study examines an incident involving a extremely young student allegedly being exposed to inappropriate images on a school computer and assesses the school’s internet safety practices.


The case at hand aims to determine whether the school had taken sufficient precautions to prevent access to inappropriate content, explore methods to reduce the risk of similar incidents, and discuss the importance of implementing effective internet safety policies and practices in educational settings.


As part of the investigation, we analysed various methods to reduce the risk of children accessing explicit content, such as search blocking options, network blocking options, and the implementation of “blacklist” or “whitelist” policies. The investigation attempted to identify the images in question, determine how they could have been accessed, and assess the school’s internet safety practices.


Our investigation found that if the school had implemented proper internet safety measures, such as Google’s SafeSearch or network-wide filters, the incident could have potentially been prevented. Additionally, the report highlighted the importance of proper supervision and computer monitor positioning in the classroom, ensuring that teachers can easily monitor student activity.


Upon reviewing Notion’s investigation report, the school decided to settle the case and put money into a trust for the student, to be used when they turn 18, or for their education or mental care. This case study highlights the crucial role schools play in ensuring the online safety of their students and emphasises the need for comprehensive internet safety policies and practices in educational settings.

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